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Best Defence Day Images

6 september is one of the most important days for pakistani nation. Pakistani nation has a great love for his country. They have a special respect for their country in their hearts. They love it from the core of their heart. They know the importance of one’s country. They even don’t feel hesitate while presenting their country. They feel proud to be a part of this country. Pakistani celebrates each pakistani day with great enthusiasm. They love their country that’s why they celebrates its days with vigour and vitality. Now it’s time to celebrate 6th september with energy, with love, and with enthusiasm. 6th September is in the name of the martyrdoms of Pakistani army, whom had sacrificed their lives for the defence of their country when a war broke out in 1965 between Pakistan and India.

Defence Day Pakistan Wallpapers

Every one knows the history of 6 September 1965 the day of war between India and Pakistan. The war was started by India and they attack on Pakistan without any information. They attack on the Lahore Waga Border and Sialkot boarder. As a result of the second war on the issue of Kashmir, India started this war against Pakistan. This war was ended after 17 days and Pakistan won the war and the war was ended by the interruption of United Nations in the form of ceasefire. Pakistani army save from the evil acts of India and in order to salute the armed forces and Pakistani people the Government of Pakistan announces the 6 September a national day known as “The Defence Day of Pakistan“. So this is the story behind this Day Pakistan celebrates this day with full devotion and courage. In Pakistan people celebrate this day by flag hoisting, parade, Military exhibitions, award ceremonies, singing Patriotic song, military Programmes and speeches.

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