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Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers
National poetry

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers. The Defence day is the national day of Pakistan. India attacks the Pakistan border on 6 September on Lahore border. It also attacks on Sialkot border. Pakistan won the war and India got the message that they were always be in loss if they attack on Pakistan. Pakistan won this war by the interruption of the United Nation in the form of ceasefire. The story behind this day is that the war was started by India and they attack on Pakistan without any information. As a result of the second war on the issue of Kashmir, India started this war against Pakistan. This war last for 17 Days and Pakistan receives good reputation world wide and India was blamed for all this mischief. Pakistan showed its Defence power to world and also became the seventh Nuclear power in 1998. Pakistani army save Pakistan from the enemies and the people of Pakistan helped their troops with heart. The Government of Pakistan announces the 6 September a national day known as “The Defence Day of Pakistan”. In Pakistan people celebrate this day by flag hoisting, parade, Military exhibitions, award ceremonies, singing Patriotic song, military Programmes and speeches.

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

hamare naam see hon gi rawatain zinda

hmare hise main parcham wafa ka aia hai

You get the best thing which you want. We provide you the Defence poetry wallpaper of your choice.You can send these Defence poetry wallpaper to your Friends and family on Defence day and wish them the day of victory of Pakistan against India. you can get the Defence day poetry wallpaper in Urdu and also get the quotes in English. For downloading you can get the Defence poetry wallpaper Free Download, you can also share these beautiful Defence poetry wallpaper on your Facebook and Twitter and on other social media. You get the best thing.

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

aee putar hatan te nai wikde

to labhni ain wich bazar kure

ae deen aee mere data di

na awin takran mar kure

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

lagane agg jo aee the ashianay ko

wo shole apne laho say bhuja die tum nay

Defence Day Poetry Wallpapers

khuda kee naam pee katne kii lazat kia btaon main

sabhi jannat main dekhain gee jawani khobro mere

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