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Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu
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Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu

Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu

Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu. The last Prophet of ALLAH said about Hazrat Ali main illm ka shehar hun or Ali us ka darwaza hai so jo chahe ke illm hasil karay so wo is darwazay say andar dakhil ho jaye. Hazrat ALi was an important Sahabi and he was also the cousin of Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD Peace Be Upon Him as he was the son of Prophet’s Uncle Abu Talib and he was the only person born in Kabba in Mecca. Hazrat Ali R.A was the first male among young people who accepted Islam. He was the son in law of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him as he married Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH daughter Fatimah. He was the fourth caliph after Hazrat Usman R.A and ruled from 656 to 661 over the Islamic Caliphate. We Provide you the Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu in picture format and you can also download them by Best Quotes of Hazrat Ali free download you can send these Best Quotes of Hazrat Ali to your friends and family and you can also share these Beautiful Quotes of Hazrat Ali on your Facebook and Twitter and on other social medias.

Qol e Qol e Hazrat Ali UrduHazrat Ali Urdu

Mola Ali Said:

“aik dosre see bogaz na rakho kion ke yee har khair o barkat kee zawal ka bais hai”

Don’t make ebony with any one because it becomes the cause of downfall of blessings. We give you the best Islamic quotes of different people and the Hadees Nabvi in picture format you can share these on Facebook and twitter and on other social media and also send them to their friends and family.  we can give you beautiful Saying of Hazrat Ali R.A wallpapers , Saying of Hazrat Ali R.A HD wallpapers , Sayings of Hazrat Ali R.A in Urdu and English ,Saying of Hazrat Ali R.A in picture format , Saying of Hazrat Ali R.A in written format , Sayings of Hazrat Ali R.A on labour , beautiful Sayings of Hazrat Ali R.A for Facebook.

Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu

Hazrat Ali R.A nay farmaya:

“Lalach hamesha kii gulami hai”

Greediness is the all time slavery.

Qol e Hazrat Ali Urdu

Mola aHazrat Ali ney farmaya:

“joo haq se mon morta hai tabah hoo jata hai”

one who denies truth will become destroy. Moonlightforall provides you the best Hadees nabwi Wallpapers, best kalmay wallpapers beautiful prayers (dua) Islamic quotes (aqwal of Hazrat Ali R.A, Hazrat Abu Bakr sadique R.A, Hazrat Umar R.A, Hazrat Usman R.A) and also others quotes of Sufi saints. we give you Islamic wallpapers HD,  Islamic wallpapers for I phone, Islamic wallpapers with quotes,  Islamic wallpapers for Facebook and Islamic wallpapers 2016. We also give you opportunity to read online Quran, and also listen to it.

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