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Sad Poetry

Poetry In Urdu

Poetry In Urdu

Poetry In Urdu.  Poetry is the best way to express emotions. What people think, how they feel ? The simple and elegant way to express innermost emotions is poetry. Poetry is that form of literature which was not written in its early stages. People learned it orally. Some great scholars believe that this literary form or the art of poetry may predate literacy. It is believed that the history of poetry basically starts million years back from BC. Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest surviving poem, basically comes from the 3rd millennium BC in present day Iraq. Poetry describes beauty, Poetry describes feelings, Poetry describes thoughts, Poetry describes emotions, Poetry describes love, Poetry describes loneliness, Poetry describes passion, Poetry describes struggle, Poetry describes faith, Poetry describes world and Poetry describes everything. Poetry has words which form a language that is full of emotions. Poetry is the way to speak love. Poetry expresses the innermost love, Poetry expresses the deepest sorrow. Poetry is the medication that heals the deepest wounds of heart. Poetry gives words to feelings. Poetry takes the reader from this world of realism to another world of romance.

Poetry In Urdu.

Poetry In UrduMohabbat ki khani main mohabbat har jatti hai

jo sang chaltay hain nafrat kay wohi abad rehtay hainBay waja too koi pochta nahi hai

Har zuban say yonhi ahwal-e-jaan tumharaBohat adaab attay hain, ussay mehfill sajanay kay

kuch khawab dikhanay kay, phir bay had rulanay kayyounhi chand ko taktay mere ankh phir say barsi

wo kehta rehta tha mujh say, main chand to nahimere arzo kay main roz uss ko dekhon

woo keh raha hai mujh say main chand to nahiwo muntazir hai abb tak mere janib ki gehri chaal ka

wo shaakhs abb talk mujhaay pehchaan naa sakaa

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