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Pakistan Beautiful Mosque Badshahi Mosque

Pakistan Beautiful Mosque Badshahi Mosque

Pakistan Beautiful Mosque Badshahi Mosque. The place where Muslims worship ALLAH is known as Mosque which comes from the word “Masjid” that is the Arabic word. the large mosques are the places which offer more services to the community. Masjid jami is the large mosque which act as a collective mosque.

Sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was the person who commissioned the Badshahi mosque. This mosque was constructed between the years of 1671 and 1673. it is situated in Lahore near Shahi Qila. According to construction point of view, the Badshahi Mosque was the largest mosque in the world. Among the mosques situated in Pakistan, the Badshahi Mosque is the second largest mosque after Faisal Mosque. In the world, the Badshahi Mosque rank is seven. It is said that this mosque is the famous landmark and the Lahore’s most iconic place and the large number of tourist visit this mosque every year and so it is the place of major tourist attraction. Shah Jahan, the father of Aurengzeb, built the mosque Jamia Masjid situated in New Delhi, the capital of India which is similar in its architectural plan to Badshahi Mosque.

Pakistan Beautiful Mosque Badshahi Mosque

According to the Government of Pakistan, the Badshahi Mosque included in the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. It is not only a mosque but also act as a Eidgah and a large number of people offering Friday prayer, but on Eid the number of people are infinite. On marble which is above the entrance gate of this mosque, the full name which is “Masjid Abul Zafar Muhy-ud-Din Mohammad Alamgir Badshah Ghazi” is written in calligraphy. Amongst other mosques in the world the courtyard of Badshahi Mosque is the largest and 1,00,000 worshipers can accommodate in the courtyard and this mosque can adjust 10,000 worshipers in the prayer hall.

The entrance stairway is on the eastern side of the mosque which leads through a vaulted entrance constructed of red sandstone. It is also said that this mosque was used by the Sikhs empire and British empire as a garrison. The Badshahi Mosque is the beautiful example of Mughal architecture. The interior and exterior sides of the mosque are decorated with white marble and rooms are present on each side of main chamber and these rooms are used for religious instructions. This mosque was built by Aurangzeb to commemorate his military campaigns against the Maratha leader Shivaji Bhonsle, but this mosque is mainly used for Islamic teachings and instructions.

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