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Moonsoon will be forecasted now by Oceans reborts
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Monsoon will be forecasted now by Oceans roborts

Monsoon will be forecasted now by Oceans roborts

Monsoon will be forecasted now by Oceans roborts. The English and Indian scientist will leave a ocean robot in the ocean.

Monsoon will be forecasted now by Oceans roborts

This is a try to secure the monsoon affected  thousands of farmers in the bat of bangal under waters. The weather forecasting specialist will measure the climatic changes. For this continual system a plane will be send in which scientific tools are adjusted.Which will measures the climatic changes in the bay of bangal. This is a project of research ready from thousands of millions in Bay of Bengal. Due to this new change  for monsoon rain cycle the  life of almost 200 million farmers and other people attach with this profession will change their lifestyle. They are facing damaged famine in their areas.This system will enter into the deep waters with the help of Ship.

This will tell the ups and downs of the direction of water. The computer system is adjusted in it.These are like yellowish submarines. According to the scientist it is the first experiment starting with the money of 8 million dollar. According to the scientist the first intense famine was came in 2009.when the meteorological department has given forecast of it. Germany has also prepared a system which tells the formation of the upcoming weather in the area. This system is helpful to determine the present and future condition of the weather. It is very usual that the farmers of specially Srilanka, Bangladesh and India are affected by this rainy monsoon system. This is the system of the monsoon which have damaged almost every time the farmers of this territory. After the new system people are saying it is a blessing for the occupation related to the agriculture.This system is very useful for the farmers of the territory.

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