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New material that saves bikers life

New material that saves bikers life

New material that saves bikers life.
Sports are very much popular among people. They are played at different levels. In houses and streets, at the least level and in Olympics, at the largest level. Running, jumping, different type of racing, boxing, swimming they are all popular but among all of these cycling is very much important. A lot of people all around the world enthusiastically take part in this game. Not only in cycling, most of the people use cycle/bike as a transport whatever they live in cities or villages. People use these bikes to travel and to reach their destination. In Pakistan, this trend loses its important but in advancing or even advanced countries like American, European countries, Australia, England, China and Japan the bikes are still used in greater amount. This amazing use of bikes is because it is believed that bikes are the cheapest transport in the world, just after walking (it’s a joke). Unlike motor bikes or cars, the bikes work manually and the other fact is that bikes are pollution free. Many physiotherapists and analysts of health suggested bike riding for most patients because they are considered one of the best exercise.

But it’s a nature’s law that everything has some drawbacks. Where there is advantages of something there must be some disadvantages of same thing. So, in the past years it is observed that the main problem in using bikes as a transport is that it got punctured in the center of the road at anytime, anywhere. The rider didn’t do anything at that moment because of the absence of tools and any near repair shop. This problem was resolved by an American company which made such a tyre which can’t be affected by a nail or a stone on the road. So no cut will be taken place in the Tyre. But he only problem is that these tube less tyre’s are totally solid and hadn’t ability to sustain or absorb a shock or tweak but the NEXCEL tyre’s are free from this danger because these are designed in such a way that they decrease the danger and the intensity of tweak. The holes are formed in these tyre’s so they can bear the shock and intensity of a tweak. So there will be no danger to the riders to some extent.

New material that saves bikers life info

New material that saves bikers life

But now a days, new materials have been Introduced for bikes which have more advantages over carbon fiber. The front fork, handlebars, stem and seat post of a bike are made up of carbon fiber and it is fragile and this is the main issue. Carbon fiber is used, over a decade, because it has many properties that are very useful for frame construction. First carbon fiber is very light and is helping you when you are riding uphill. The second one is that it can balance the stiffness and malleability/flexibility of bike’s body. Because stiff body don’t absorb much energy and is not flexible. The cyclist in racing competition preferred carbon fiber because they know that they rise the degree and the power produced by them is transferred to the bikes and so it moves forward fastly. If the material is not flexible then the vibration produced due to the rough road surface is shifted to the cyclist’s body.

So for this reason they use carbon fiber because of its flexibility but it has a disadvantage and that is carbon fiber is brittle. It breaks very easily. The bikes are constructed in such a way that the damage to carbon fiber bikes are not visible. Frames are made by bonding strands, which are named as plies, of carbon fiber with epoxy resins. Due to this the damage occur inside is not visible outside and the frame of bike becomes weak and can be completely destroyed at any unexpected moment. And so it can cause severe, serious and life threatening injuries.

Many people trying to resolve this issue by making hybrid composites that can increase safety. This hybrid composites is made by blending carbon fiber with some other material such as steel or plastic. Now, a hybrid composites, Innegra, which is the combination of carbon fiber and high molecular weight polypropylene plastic, is made by Innegra technologies. Both of these fibers are light weight and both work with collaboration. One provide stiffness that is carbon fiber and the other, Innegra fiber, is resistant to impact damage. If unfortunately any accident occurs and carbon fracture the Innegra hold the whole structure and protect the bike and prevent the bike frame from catastrophic failure. Innegra is used in handle bars and berk composites saddles and frames but HIA velo is deciding to make the whole frame with Innegra.

Dyneema and REIN4CED are also similar Innegra but Dyneema is made with more ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic and REIN4CED is made by blending carbon fiber with steel. Dyneema is light and durable while on the other hand carbon fiber is stiff and light. But now the Dyneema is used in high-end road bike shoes and thee is planning to make the whole frame and in REIN4CED, steel offers the same safety benefits as plastic. But all of these hybrid composites cause some loss of stiffness but they don’t increase weight because they can be shaped for aerodynamics. The companies that made these hybrid composites, make sure hat the loss of stiffness must be negligible. But most of the racing cyclists think that a little loss in stiffness will be more dangerous than the safety provided by the new material that is hybrid composites. So in this way New material that saves bikers life

But the new technologies are made to serve humanity and so, in spite of some disadvantages, the new material like hybrid composites are for the safety of mankind. for more information technologies  and New material that saves bikers life information on different topics visit


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