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Laptop battery life saving tips

Laptop battery life saving tips

Laptop battery life saving tips . Dear friends today in this section i give you tips about laptop battery .how you increase life of your battery and make it useable for long period of time friends Battery is a great tension for laptop user and some of them even don’t know how to use it because of which they destroy thier battery and remains no option for them to replace it or repair it.

1:first tip is that when you charge your laptop battery fully charged it some people use laptop when its battery is littly chargedit is harmful for battery health so make it sure that battery is fully charged then use this way your battery is useable for a long time.
2:when battery is charging don’t use laptop it will also destroy battery so only use this option when you have avery important work and you have no time to fully charged it.
3:when battery is fully charged don’t charge it till it is empty sometime this also damage your battery.
4:if you optimise you battery then its life question arises how to optimise your battery don’t be upset for this purpose i have a solution to optimise your battery use this software battery optimiser this is best software for increasing battery performance
i hope you will get it and get benefit from these tips for more tips visit


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