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How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring.7 home remedies for snoring problems . In sleep snoring is a common problem. Which reduces your sleep and lack of sleep is not good for health . Snoring person suffers from apnoea  named disease (temporary cessation of breathing ) due to which several times they wake up in night.Expert also say that snoring person also have great risk of heart attack during sleep .

How to Stop Snoring

Here  we tell you some home remedies to stop snoring during sleep.

Avoid Alcohol and sleeping pills:

Due to alcohol and sleeping pills person goes into deep sleep and deep sleep is a major cause of snoring.

Loss Weight:

Extra weight increase the risk of snoring .To loss your weight control your diet and focus on exercise .

Things That make your breathing process better :

Many sprays are available that increase  the ability of your breathing If you are suffering from nose or throat diseases use medicines in which menthol is used because menthol opens the breath passages and make it easier for you to breath.

The position of sleep:

Every person sleep in his own way. Some people sleep on one side and some take other positions but important is that snoring person should change their sleeping position this will also decrease your snoring problem.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products sometimes effect your throat because throat is an important part of your breathe process  so these products will automatically effect your sleep and irritate you .


Smoking effect the throat tissues which increase risk of snoring later.

Cleansing  of nostrils

It is very important to  clean your nostrils before sleep to avoid snoring.


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