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Good food for winter season
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Good food for winter season

Good food for winter season

Good food for winter season . As you all know winter season is arrived and with winter arrival many things changed like people using blankets using moisture cream and lotions for dry skin . Their diets are changed according to weather .They are using more coffee tea and dry fruits . So with changing weather our food requirements are also changed . In today post I will tell you food that is good for winter season and save you from winter diseases . I hope this food list and its benefits will help you in winter season . This food is very healthy and save your body from regular winter diseases .

Good food for winter season

Chicken Soup 

Chicken soup is very much popular among the whole world in all season but it is very much healthy and beneficial in winter season .In chicken soup if we add boiled vegetables also then its energy is doubled and it is more beneficial for health .This soup is called chicken vegetable soup.   It save us from cough fever and seasonal sickness.

Seasonal juicy fruits :

Many seasonal juicy fruits like orange , grapefruit and other winter fruits contain vitamin C in large quantity and is very much beneficial for influenza and cough. It is approved from 21 different medical tests that if we intake 1 to 8 gram of vitamin C daily then we are saving our self from influenza cough and other seasonal diseases.

Onion and Garlic:

onion and garlic is also good for health in winter .Green onion also play an important role in our good health. Green onion saves you from  influenza and cough and other diseases . According to specialist onion and garlic contain such ingredients that not only heal hurts but also increase our immunity and strong our immune system. Garlic is also used for opening closed nostrils .

Ginger :

Ginger tea is very much useful to overcome throat pain but it is also important for removing influenza by taking action against all viruses of influenza and lesser cough and influenza.

Honey : 

For healing hurts and overcome weight is the benefits of honey from hundred of years.Modern science also prove that honey contain such natural ingredients that are effective weapon against viruses germs . Honey is much beneficial in winter because honey save us from cough influenza and fever .Take one glass of warm water add  1 tbsp honey in it and drink it you will feel relieved from cough . But don’t give honey to kids less than one year because it is harmful for them .


Yogurt is also very much necessary in winter season . It is discovered some days before that yogurt contain  a germ that is effective against many germs and viruses including influenza and cough . But use yogurt that is naturally made at home not use yogurt of dairy companies because natural yogurt is more beneficial than dairy yogurt .

Selenium containing foods : 

Selenium is used to make our immune system strong and help us to fight against seasonal sickness including cough , influenza and fever . Almond contain lot of selenium so taking 10 gram of almond daily meet our body selenium needs . Sea food also contain selenium in large quantity like lobster , Tuna and Cod fish are example . So if we intake 50 gram of fish it also maintain our body selenium needs and give us other benefits.

Mushrooms : 

It is said that mushrooms only grow in rainy season but it is widely used in herbal medicine and have many benefits . It is used to heal hurts and also increase body immunity.

Black pepper:

Black pepper also have medicinal role in influenza cough and fever . If we mix black pepper , ginger and vinegar and use this mixture in medicine it increase its effect of healing. Black pepper contain piperine that is very much effective for pain and fever

I hope this post will help you to save you from seasonal sickness in winter season if you want more health tips visit


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