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Funny Latife.Funny Jokes  Urdu Mazahiya  Pakistani Lateefay 2016 . A joke is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laugh. Jokesare actually called latefy in urdu language whose main purpose is to make people laugh . As our website is about entertainment and provides real entertainment to our readers and help our reader to entertain when they visit our website so providing jokes and lateefay to our providers in a different way always amuse our Pakistani readers. All  type  of lateefay is added in this category and you got your desired lateefay in this category . We are trying to provide you best and latest collection of lateefay and jokes of the year. We wanted to give you  thousands of mazahiya lateefay for our website readers, making this website as the biggest and good source of Pakistani Urdu Jokes. Aristotle said man is a social animal by nature. Working continuously causes anxiety, stress, which is a major causes of depression . There is a proverb that says, a sound mind lives in a sound body and it can be possible if we are relaxed. So for relaxation we want entertainment and jokes and lateefay are  best entertainment for our readers .


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Funny Latife

Aik doctor ne aik shakhs ko bill behja jiss par darj tha:

“aj iss bill ko aik saal ho gya hai”

Us shakhs ne bill pe ye abarat likh kar wapis kar dia:

“salgira mubarak hoo”

Funny Latife

siasi leader doctor say :

“main jab taqrir karta hun mere zuban kaam ni karti or tangain kanmp ne lagti hain”

Doctor nee jawab dia:

“jhot bolte waqt aksar aisa ho ta hai”

Funny Latife

Doctor aik batoni orat say:

“ap ko koi bemari nahi hai sirf aram ki zarorat hai”

Orat nee kaha:

“mere zuban too dekhain”

Doctor nee kaha:

“usse hii to sab see ziada aram ki zarorat hai.”


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