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Beautiful Qole

Beautiful Qole

Beautiful Qole. we give you Islamic wallpapers HD,  Islamic wallpapers for I phone, Islamic wallpapers with quotes, Islamic wallpapers for Facebook and Islamic wallpapers 2016.  We Provide you the Islamic Qol e of Sufi saint in Urdu in picture format and you can also download them by Best Islamic Qol e of Sufi saint in Urdu free download you can send these Best Islamic Qol e of Sufi saint in Urdu to your friends and family and you can also share these Beautiful Islamic Qol e of Sufi saint in Urdu on your Facebook and Twitter and on other social medias.

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Teen duan khas  tor per  kabol ki jati  hain jin ke qabol honay main koi shaq nahi :

1 Aulad ke haq main  man bap ki dua

2 musafir ki dua

3 mazloom ki dua

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Beautiful Quole

11 chizon say 11 chizain qaim rehti hun

insaaf say……..saltanat

parhaiz say………sehat

sakhawat say……dolat

naik chalni say…izaat

naik olaad say…dolat

qalbi safai say….mohabbat

sachai say…kameyabi

nafrat say….dushmani

fazol kharchi say….qarz dari

rasat bazi say….eetmad

tahamul mizaji….khushi

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