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Naat Poetry

Beautiful Naat Islamic Wallpapers

Beautiful Naat Islamic Wallpapers

Beautiful Naat Islamic Wallpapers. Naat Khawani is the beautiful way to express love for the ALLAH last Prophet MUHAMMAD Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him. The poets praises Him in different ways they write Naats very beautifully and in different languages. People all around the world writes Naats and praises prophet MUHAMMAD Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him but this practice is more popular in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. the languages in which most of the Naats written are in Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Bengali, Seraiki, Sindhi, Kashmiri and English. The people who recites Naats are much popular and they are respected by all Muslims. It is believed that those people who recites and writes Naats get a huge and great reward in this world and in the life here after. It is a beautiful picture of naat/islamic poetry wallpaper it is very heart touching. you must like these pictures of naat/islamic poetry wallpaper because these are very beautiful. we made and upload the beautiful naat/islamic poetry wallpaper in picture format or for downloading you can share these naat/islamic poetry wallpaper on Facebook and Twitter, you can send these nice and lovely naat/islamic poetry wallpaper to your friends and family.


woo kaisa samaa hoo gaa kaisi wo ghari hoo gi

jab pehli nazar unn kee Roze par Pari ho gi

naat-hd-wallpaperyaa raab mere sooi hui taqdeer jaga dee

ankhain mujhe dii hain too Madina bhi dikha de


Ajab rang par hain bhar-e-Madina

kee saab janatain hain Nisar-e-Madina

Beautiful Naat Islamic Wallpapers

Khuda ki gairat nay daal rakhe hain tuj pee satar hazar paerde

jahan main ban jate toor lakhon joo ikk bhi uthta niqab tera

We provide you nice Naat/islamic poetry wallpaper. Every Muslim likes naat/islamic poetry wallpaper  so we give you naat/islamic poetry wallpaper in picture format.Here we provide you the best naat/islamic poetry wallpaper HD naat poetry wallpaper and if you download then we give you  beautiful naat/islamic poetry wallpaper free can also share these naat/islamic poetry wallpaper on Facebook twitter and on other social medias. Here you can get the new and unique naat/islamic poetry wallpaper in the form of naat poetry wallpaper new 2016.

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