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Add two Facebook accounts on same number

Add two Facebook accounts on same number

Add two Facebook accounts on same number . 2016  is  computer and social media generation . So using these things we have some difficulties .  Friends todays trick is about facebook.To verify two account on same phone number is difficult .but i tell you an authenticated way of verifying two facebook accounts on one number. sometime we helpless to do this for this reason  I give you this trick

Add two Facebook accounts on same number

Firstly Register two facebook accounts. Secondly verify them by mailing adress . Step three is that verify your first account at your number then deactivate this account  after that verify the second facebook account and then activate your first account also.Your both facebook accounts are activated

Getting both facebook account does’t mean you use both account . Only use one facebook account at one time and after signing out use second account . A question that always arises in mind is that if i want three on same number  than what so i tell you it is not possible You can make only two accounts on one cell number and one e mail address

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