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Sad Poetry

Sad poetry wallpapers

Sad poetry wallpapers

Sad poetry wallpapers. It is believed that silence is the best way to express emotions. sometimes silence says many thing without any words. We are here to provide you the best thing according to your choice so you can entertain through these pictures. we are here to entertain you with best sad poetry wallpaper for Facebook pictures. provides you the best poetry wallpapers in picture format it looks very nice. provides you the best sad poetry wallpapers,sad  poetry wallpaper in picture format, best poetry wallpapers, poetry of different poets, HD poetry wallpapers.It’s all for you, you must like it.

Sad poetry wallpapers

tanha behthay hain roh zakhmi hai

chara gar meray tanha chor gaye

Here we provide you the best  sad poetry wallpaper HD sad poetry wallpaper and if you download then we give you  beautiful sad poetry wallpaper free can also share these sad poetry wallpaper on facebook twitter and on other social medias. Here you can get the new and uniquer sad poetry wallpaper in the form of sad poetry wallpaper new 2016.

Sad poetry wallpapers

udas shamon ka tum kuch hisab rakh lena

dil e hazin main muhabat ka baab rakh lena

na bethna kabhi tanha udas mosam main

nazar ke samne dill ki kitab rakh lena

“It is no use to advice others unless you can’t do the same thing with your self So, keep in mind not to hurt others by your harsh words.” Poetry is an art form through which people expresses their feelings. gives you Punjabi poetry wallpaper, romantic funny poetry wallpaper and also poets poetry.These are all in good quality like HD national poetry wallpaper, HD sad poetry wallpaper . HD love poetry wallpaper, HD English poetry wallpaper , HD Punjabi poetry wallpaper, HD romantic funny poetry wallpaper.

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