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A USB stick has been invented to recognize HIV within 30 minutes

A USB stick has been invented to recognize HIV within 30 minutes

A USB stick has been invented to recognize HIV within 30 minutes

The British scientists have invented a USB stick like tool which recognize HIV within 30 minutes. It has been pasted by dropping one drop of blood on it in the USB stick tool from there it recognize the disease.  After detected with the help of a software within 30 minutes it can judge and diagnose the real disease of HIV. This tool has been prepared by the Imperial college London with the help of a a disease detective company DNA Electronics. According to analysts this tool will be helpful in the far off areas to diagnose the HIV disease in the patients. This tool is full of advantages for the patients like this. The good thing about this USB tool is this that it gives results within a limited time of minutes. On the other hand many days are used to diagnose this disease. But this tool is a very different one which help a lot for these type of patients.


The scientist who is working on this USB tool said that before it this type of disease needs type to recognize. It was very time gaining process and also was a very difficult process. Reports that were taken on this behalf used to took time before this. But after the invention of this USB stick like small tool it will be more easier to survive and save time and will be lot easier and it will be lot helpful to detect the HIV and also save s time to cure the disease. Before this when reports usually came the time went away and the doctors used to tell the patients that they have a short time to survive in the universe. But with this tool patients will survive and gain more time to live in this universe and chances will increase of their lives. The purpose of this tool is to compress all the difficult process and experiment place with in a small place together.

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