A journey towards success CPEC

A journey towards success  CPEC

A journey towards success  CPEC

The thing for which everyone has to wait.here is the good news that becomes a reality now. Alright now we raised and unfold the curtains and told’s you that the Pak China Economic Corridor has come to its last stages of completion. the majority is very happy to hear that 100 containers caravan has entered in Pakistan the port of Gawadar and has been sent to the European countries from there by the Pakistan civil military leadership. For the achievement a huge celebration  opening function is arranged and these ships and containers now from passing different parts of the country will reach to the Port of Gawadar. From previous few decades the country is under huge economic pressure and suffering from the huge diseases like poverty, hunger,load shedding, unemployment which are eating country like termite.

And the politicians has completed the empty places by getting the right effort. The dear homeland is reaches to its last near to get bankrupt. Due to abusion and corruption all the department of the government have to be privatized. Our dear home land is under huge pressure of debts. In the mean while taking interest of China in this Gawadar port project and investment is a huge blessing of ALLAH and also a hidden help. In destructive Pakistan china has not only made Gawadar as an international standard project. A progressive trap has been spread in the country.  From Kashghar to  Gawadar along with two sided roads different huge projects have started of motorways in all the provinces. Gawadar port will not only joins China with west countries and provide the safest and cheapest path for trade butr also played a great role to stable Pakistan and also help as a spine  bone and has made the country able to stand on its own footsteps. Gawadar will wreak revolution in the world trade. It will become a huge step further towards the relationships between west and far east. Middle east countries like Iran has show their interest in this revolutionary project for the world. This is a fate changing project. Due to this project the dearness will end in the country. The poverty will come to an end. The UN-employment will come to an end. And country will make progress by leaps and bounds. Our politicians and leaders should have to play their role by leaving their own interest. By accrimination and processions we will not get any thing and neither country will get out of the crises.

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