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Science the savior of humanity

Science the savior of humanity

Science the savior of humanity. Life is so precious. Nothing is more important than a life. No matter, whether you talk about the life of animals or a human being. But the fact is that, a lot of dangers chasing the life and their main aim is to destroy it. It is believed that inventions in science causes the main harm, but it is not true. Science always try to protect humanity and save the life of Earth. New technologies and medicine and the inventions of new operating systems and machines are always at their best service.

Now a days, the survey report tells that in Europe million of people suffer each year from cardiac problems. Out of these most of them are heart attack. But out of these million patients, sadly said that, only 8% will barely survive. It’s a very sad figure. Once the heart stop beating the condition of the patient was very critical and in only 4 to 6 minutes the patients brain will die. But it’s a common practice that ambulance will arrive in average 10 minutes and so most of the patients will die without any treatment. To resolve this major problem, the graduate student of delft University of technology (TU Delft), Alec Momont, has designed a multipurpose and life saving drone.

Science the savior of humanity

Yes it is a drone, which saves lives not destroy humans. After the development of drone planes and then drone cameras now the science try to save the world by making drone ambulances. These ambulances, in only one minute, provides a very professional response. It is to be said that these ambulances could decreases the death rate of cardiac patients and increase the heart arrest survival rate to an amazing 80%.

Momont said that in most diseases, specially cardiac problem, it is very important to provide right medical care to patients within few minutes. If we provide immediate medical care to emergency so we can save the lives of many patients. This technique can work mostly in emergencies of heart failure, drowning, traumas and respiratory problems because the life saving technology equipment, the defibrillator, can now be built in small size enough so it can be transported by a drone.

These ambulances in only one minute covering the area of 12 square kilometer reaching the patient with a top speed of 100 km/hr. These ambulances uses the GPS coordinates to locate the destination and so the ambulances are able to fly autonomously. The weight of ambulance is 4 kg and it has the capacity to take additional 4 kg load. These ambulance has a carbon composite body. A defibrillator is built in the drone and an emergency operator take the phone call and it can provide instruction that how can use it properly. It has also an on-board live cam and an audio connection that allows the operator to actually see the scene and condition of a patient and make sure that the pads of a defibrillators have been applied correctly.

The defibrillator are available in public areas but it is observed that 4 to 6 cardiac arrest occur when patients are at home and where the equipment are not available. In foreign countries people are trained to give CPR or using a defibrillator but this amount is not very high and among this small amount, most of the people become unnerved when they are facing the emergency. But now a days, normally 20% of untrained people are able to use and apply a defibrillator, but this 20% increased to 90% if these people are given correct instructions at emergency site. So, It also help people to cover the situation and it’s loud speaker reduces the panic of situation.

These ambulance will fly to reach its destination but in most countries there is no legal permission to drones to fly autonomously. But despite of this fact it has a basic feature that it fly in air not driven on road where the heavy traffic, traffic signals and distance cause great obstacles which causes the late arrival of ambulance at destination and the precious life of many patients end. So these ambulances gives an opportunity to save life of many patients. Many medical men and companies showing interest in this technology and it is believed that this type of medical care get legal rights to move autonomously in air in near future and in this way it saves life and so, we proudly said that science the savior of humanity.

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