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Fresh And Delecious Strawberry Shake
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Delecious Strawberry Shake

Delecious Strawberry Shake

Delecious Strawberry Shake . Shakes are the most lovable and widely used drink around the world . It is actually a drink which contain milk ,sugar and fruits . You can use all fruits in this drink . Fruit which you like the most is used in it . It is much loved by children . They enjoy shakes of thier favourite fruits . It is easily made at home and fresh and delecious taste to drink . In todays post i tell you recepie of a tasty strawberry shake .  Only 5 minutes are recquired to make strawberry shake .

Fresh And Delecious Strawberry Shake

Ingredients :

Strawberry freezed : 12 to 15

Milk : 2 glass

Sugar :according to taste

Ice  : 2 to 3 cubes

Procedure : 

Add all ingredients in shaker and shake for 2 to 3 seconds till all strawberry is crushed . Now a tasty strawberry shake is ready . Put it in a beautiful glass decorate with a beautiful sraw and strawberry pieces and serve it .

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