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Beauty tips

Beauty tips for skin and hair

Beauty tips for skin and hair

Beauty tips for skin and hair.Ladies mostly spend their time in kitchen and it is good if kitchen things increase their beauty . Antioxidant foods are useful for skin and hair beauty.

Cinnamon is good for skin .Cinnamon saves your skin from weather effects and sun heat. Newyork skin expert says that cinnamon increase blood circulation and help in growth of skin .so all day use one tablespoon of cinnamon in tea or food and glow your skin.

Beauty Tips

Beauty tips for skin and hair

Garlic: garlic is good for falling hair:

Where there is a talk of Home remedies then how it possible that there will be no talk of  garlic there.Garlics have Amino acids in it which are helpful for hairs growth and specially make their roots strong.According to the magazine of India if you paste garlic in your hairs then your hairs will stop falling and will become more strong.And new hairs will stat to grow on empty spaces of head.

Take one spoon of olive and coconut oil and mix two ons garlic powder in it.Boiling for thirty seconds in oven dispatch this mixture in the hair roots for 20 minutes and then wash it.

Riddance from Pimples,Turmeric:

Turmeric is used in every house.This is use to sleep down the wound and every one is aware of its ability about wounds.Due to its this ability it is useful for the pimples appear on the face.For beautiful and flashy skin one spoon turmeric, three spoon milk, two spoons floor and mix some of honey and make a mixture (in another condition use yogurt in spit  of milk)and after pasting it on the face for 20 minutes wash it with water.With this while making breakfast and making omelette  and put necessarily half spoon of turmeric

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