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Affects of failed revolt in turkey

Affects of failed revolt in turkey

Affects of failed revolt in turkey

Affects of failed revolt in turkey


There are certain affects of failed revolt in turkey by the no of Army personals.Some people think and take it negatively and some which takes it as a positive sign for the country.I have read a no of those people which are involved in this matter by their power of writing.

I have found that they are covering all the aspects of this scenario from all sides either it is negative or positive. So, I concluded a result from it that this not a matter of positive and negative but it is the matter belongs to the survival and sustainability of a country which is under progress from a few years.

Long ago two turk leaders are on the same side of the page in politics. B/w them an issue was create from the outsiders.For some reasons they separated their view and way of politics.One was Rajab Tayyab Urdgan,and the other was Fatiu-ll-ah Golan.They were of the same Party.But one dispute make distances b/w them.

The both were in democratic conservative party till 2013  but  afterwards corruption cases opened on Fatiu-ll-ah Golan and he escaped from the country. Rajab Tayyab Urdgan has declared him the terrorist.

Fatiu-ll-ah Golan after running away from the scene takes Political refuge in USA.He started preachings of islam there  and makes a no of followers there.

A time came when he thought to came back to his country but he failed in his mission.Now in 2016 a failed revolt in turkey started when mission revolt started and some jets fired at the President house and tanks came on the roads and it was announced by a tv channel that Marshal law is enforced by the army.

In the mean while,some people started to say that behind this revolt there is a hand of Fatiu-ll-ah Golan.The people came on the roads to make this revolt attack fail and they laid down before army tanks and make this effort successful.

This tug of fight continues for all the night and in the morning this revolt was made unsuccessful by the supporters of Rajab Tayyab Urdgan.

This was the defining moment in the history of Turkey when people denying the army revolt unsuccessful.They stay on the roads all the night.When the situation became normal the President Rajab Tayyab Urdgan came to his people to thank him for the sake of democracy and denied the army revolt by some powers in the country. He announced that the sinners of this revolt were punished and turkey will take serious action on it.

The Army personals, Judiciary, media which is involved in this urge of revolt arrested from the different country sides.

Rajab Tayyab Urdgan has banned some terrorist organization in the country,and try to make peace and calm in the people.

He said in an interview that the sinners of this scenario will be punished and Turkey will revised the condition of friendship with USA,and he prospected Fatiu-ll-ah Golan from them.Initially he closed the airbase of USA Army there.

On this issue the situation become more vigorous and different countries started to make their views about the situation but after more pressure the airbase opened for normal flights.

Now rajab tayyab Urdgan has said that there is no benefit of punishing Fatiu-ll-ah Golan.We should see the powers behind this.Now the question arises that where this situation goes or what Tayyab Urdgan has to do to get out of this difficult scenario.

He said we are passing a bill in Assembley to take all the powers of Army and  they have to report to the ministry of defence and all the military schloos will close soon and change in Nation security Offices.This is my opinion and I don’t know what,s your take on it.And where the situation of Turkey goes in the next coming days.Either it will go the destruction or to the success of government Of Rajab Tayyab Urdgan.It all depends on Rajab Tayyab Urdgan.What he has to do?What he has to say?What he has to make to things better for him and his country.But all of this we are hopeful for their sucess.

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