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Best Shalwar Kameez Design 2016

Best Shalwar Kameez Design 2016

Best Shalwar Kameez Design 2016.Best shalwar kameez design 2016 . Asia is best known for largest and best collection of Fashion design . Countries whose fashion trends changing day by day are especially India and Pakistan . Both Countries are very much popular in Fashion trends . Fashion tradition and culture and many things are same except religion .Both countries share same clothing and dresses design with a slight difference . Punjab of India and Pakistan dresses are same . Difference that matters is only that indian girls like heavy embroidered and with large laces design . But Pakistani girls like simple design . So designer of both countries  tried their best to met the choice and ideas of today young girls of both countries . Girls like simple dresses for functions at home and like light embroidered suits for festivals and parties . These dresses looks elegant and trendy according to latest fashion design .Shalwar kameez is very much popular dress of India and  Pakistan . It is traditional dress . In this post I will show you some best collection of shalwar kameez dupatta of 2016 . Get best shopping ideas  from here of shalwar kameez .

Best and Largest collection of shalwar kameez

Shalwar kameez dupatta is best simple and easy to wear dress . It is popular in India and Pakistan and loved by girls very much. They wear it casually as  well as formally . Girls feel very comfortable wearing this type of dress .It is traditional dresses and also of different cloth . It is of chiffon , cotton , silk linen and much more   . Shalwar kameez is also designed in different style like some girls like long kameez with shalwar other like patiala shalwar with short shirts. It depends upon changing fashion trends   . shalwar kameez give you a good and elegant look and you feel very comfortable in it  There is the most beautiful red shalwar kameez with little embroidery  looking beautiful .This design has plain dupatta light weight and easy to wear . Beautiful  printed white and pink  jaipur kurti with black  plain shalwar and plain dupatta . It is fully printed kurti looking gorgeous .  Get best ideas and keep enjoying shopping . Latest design of shalwar kameez 2016. 

Best Shalwar Kameez Design 2016


cotton white kurti with black patiala


jaipur kurti navi blue printed cotton


Pink embroided shalwar kameez dupatta


Pink embroided shalwar kameesz

A light weight and simple navy blue design of jaipur kurti  shalwar design 2016 .It is short kurti  with plain white shalwar and plain dupatta . Best embroidered pink colour kurti with blue printed shalwar and simple dupatta . Latest design of shalwar kameez 2016. Last but not least another pink embroidered kurti with white dotted shalwar and plain dupatta  .It is most beautiful and popular design of 2016


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