Why are Vitamin D necessary for your body

Why are Vitamin D necessary for your body

Why are Vitamin D necessary for your body. Firstly the question arises how much amount of Vitamin D is needed for healthy functioning of body. Recent researches shows that our body requires vitamin  more than we thought. Normal blood serum range from 50 to 100 micrograms per deciliter so you may need some extra vitamin D quantity in your body . The amount of vitamin is measured in IU unit and it is not same for all vitamins but it depends upon the affect of a substance in your body. The IUs of vitamin D  in children and teens is 600 IU and in adult up to age before 70 is also 600 IU and age after age 70 is 800 IU.

Why are Vitamin D necessary for your body

Some Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D

Most important benefit of Vitamin D is it reduces depression. It play an important role in regulating modes and beat off depression. Researches shows that people having depression if receive Vitamin D supplements shows improvement in their symptoms. Researches also shows that people suffering from  depression mostly have Vitamin D deficiency in their body.

Vitamin D is also called Sunshine ” vitamin” because it produced in body when it is exposed to sunlight. You can also get Vitamin D from some foods and supplements. Vitamin D have some more important functions. It helps to regulate absorption of calcium and phosphorous. It helps to improve normal growth and development of teeth and assist your body against some major diseases .Deficiency of this vitamin causes some bone abnormalities for example osteoporosis and osteomalasia.

It also help against other disease like  multiple sclerosis,heart disease , flu and much more. If you want to loose weight and also save your heart from serious disease you should add Vitamin D supplements in your diet .Extra calcium and vitamin D supplement had an appetite reducing effect. Overweight people should reduce heart disease risk by taking Vitamin D supplement.

There are many factors that effects intake of Vitamin D. If you are in an area of high pollution then your vitamin intake is less than normal. Use sunscreen and spending more time indoor or living in area where big buildings block sunlight or  a person having darker skin because skin having extra melanin absorb less vitamin D. These factors contribute in deficiency of vitamin D.

To fulfill deficiency of vitamin D in your body the most easy way is to eat food that contain vitamin D naturally . These foods are fortified means having vitamin D in sufficient amount naturally .These foods are salmons, sardines, egg yolk, shrimp, milk , cereals, yogurt and orange juices.

Having these foods and exposure to sunlight does not means that your deficiency of vitamin D is fulfilled . you should also take vitamin D supplements . These supplements also help to improve your health.

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