kashmir Brutal Unjudicial killings

kashmir Brutal Un judicial killings

kashmir Brutal Un judicial killings . Indian government are making brutal attacks on kashmir in latest attack they have killed the hizbullah mujahid burhan wani.Afterwards the situation gone against the armed forces of india and situation is out of control.The people are going more disturbed and vigorous for freedom.They are asking for referendum just like that of holland and uk.

kashmir Brutual Unjudicial killings

People raise their voices accordind to the freedom on kashmir issue.Pakistan government always took action on this matter and raise their voices in uno and asked why this matter is being prolonged without any reason.In pakistan all departments and people join hands and held processions on larger scale .One slogan is clearer like crystal on the faces of these people that they will take the kashmir on every cost.These functions carry on all the day long.Quaid-e-azam took the huge step and said to indian leadership that nobody can deny this fact that it is the bitter reality for india to accept that kasmir is a part of pakistan no body can deny it.Kashmir was ours,is ours,and will be ours just like this.Gandhi accept this strong words by quaid-e-azam and accept the offer of quaid to talk seriously on the kasmir issue and every matter related to it.Bad fate quaid-e-azam died during this and kashmir will not gain the result of that dream to freedamize kashmir according their will.It is bitter and undenied reality that kashmiri people on the name of islam and pakistan had given away  thousands of lives and sacrifies.

And this show the attachment of kashmiri people with the people of pakistan.The people of kashmir denying all rules come on roads and raised louder vices pakistan ka matlab kia la ilaha illalaha ly ky rahein gy azadi kashmir banay ga pakistan.And this last year 2015 they have exceed all limits and attacked on sectereat of india in jammu and kashmir and fly the flag of pakistan on its building.This act of the people pressurise india to again think about kashmir after the long period from the death of quaid-e-azam till now.

To gain this huge purpose people of kashmir are struggling very long strive for freedom and give this occasion a name kashmir day but for india youme Siaah.

Indian brutal army troops left no stone unturned in killing,making people orphaned,women molestation,custodial killings,civilian arrestment,disappeared,structure destruction.

These are the different statistics about kashmir that brutalism continue on them.

  • Martyred 94,119
  • Orphaned 1,07494
  • Women molested 10,129
  • Custodial killings 7024
  • Civilian arrested 127,129
  • Recomeditation 10,000
  • Structure destroyed 106,022

One great and brutal example of indian terrorism is the undiscovered graves that is discovered in the poonch and jammu area on large scale without name .Every grave has more than 5 dead bodies buried in them which ask only one question to the international community that for what reason on which agenda they are murdered and buried without any recognition, their bodies asked everybody what was their fault.

People of kashmir are looking forward to the international community to take the answers of these questions still to be answered very much related.

Indian government in last few years implemented brutal acts to demolish kashmiri people in any way some of these draconian acts are:

  • Jammu and kashmir safety act, 1978
  • Areas act ,1990
  • Terrorist and disruptive activities act, 1990
  • Armed forces special powers act ,1990
  • Prevention of terrorism act(pota),2002

Pakistan armed forces head and prime minister nawaz sharif put strong stance in uno against indian harsh attitude and brutalism on kashmir ,on the other hand army chief commander general raheel sharif nephew of major raja aziz bhatti shaheed (nishan-e-haider)and brother of Shabir sharif shaheed (nishan-e-haider)and son of two nishan-e-haider martyr’s mother said with boldness and grandeur and poise that now the time has come to solve the kashmir issue according to the will of kashmiri people and this will be threatening message and very loud and clear message to the international community.

The role of india in this dispute is just like a tortoise . they have killed enormous no of people in kashmir till yet and in new attacks of state terrorism many injured in jammu &kashmir.They are still engaging pakistan in terrorism if talk between india and kashmir continues india very cleverly make a situation by terrorist attack on his own country to show that culprit is pakistan and in all this they try every thing to abondened this serious talk on kashmir.International community needs to realize that india is a very clever country no one says what their next plan is.They have two faces one peaceful to show for the world and second the brutual face that’s what their reality is.They are the theirselves a big barrior in the freedom of kashmir.And it is also the fact that america,israiel,and india are strarijic partners.Every time they have a gameplan to execute.They are the great weponn’s expoters from this point everyone can understand that why kashmir issue is unsolvable till yet.On the other hand there are some question that are still to be answered by the international community.

If refrondom is the way of freedom in countries like holland,scotland,eastmore and Southern Sudan they why not in kashmir ,only reason that america,india and israel are not in its favour,are they called the big mama of kashmir and pakistan that every decision is under their permission if it is a crime i will make it again and again and very loud and clear to these so called democratic nations.India america and Israel are the killers of lacks of innocent people of the world.They are killers,they are killers,they are killers.Tell them they are wrong and kashmiris are right on their stance?

Un on this issue have to take bold steps now on the will of kashmiri’s and pakistan will and on the resolution that is still to be unresolved.Now will uno do this according to the rules of uno or they will bow before the three killer countries?

Its time to realize by the international community that its not the matter of two countries it is now becoming a violent issue of the world and that day is not so at distant that this burning ash will burnt all the world due to this dispute so,it is the time for the international countries to come forward to join hands within hands to express and solidarity with the oppressed and down people of jammu&kashmir in their just struggle for freedom



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