Islamic prayer reduces lower back pain

Islamic prayer reduces lower back pain

Islamic prayer reduces lower back pain . Muslims all around the world pray to Allah five times a day . Praying before Allah not only give them mental peace and satisfaction but also give them body health and fitness .  It is proven by a research that praying five times a day  not only intensify flexibility of joints but also reduces pain in muscles . If Muslim pray five times a day exactly according to Islamic principle  it reduces lower back pain also . This is a recent research published in an international journal named as industrial and system engineering.Islamic prayer reduces lower back pain

There are about 1.6  billion Muslims in the world and they offer salat named as ” Namaz ” . They touch their foreheads with the ground . They are in direction of “Kaaba” which is situated in Mecca in Saudi Arabia . Praying or Namaz in Islam is just like a yoga exercise which not only gives mental strength but also increase muscle strength and fatigue . But the main thing that every Muslim should have in mind is that he should pray in proper way to get full benefits.

It is also proven in research that Namaz also give flexibility and strength to joints and also increase muscle strength . When we frequently kneel  in Namaz called as Sujud  it reduces lower back pain and gives you relief . Prayer is a healing process for people with joints pain and physically handicapped people . To get more informational and interesting articles visit

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