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Hadees-e-qudsi Hadees-e-qudsi. Hadees-e-Qudsi are the sayings of ALLAH said by the last prophet of ALLAH Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. These are the words which are not present in the
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Ahadees Mubark

Ahadees Mubark Ahadees Mubark. Ahadees Mubarka are the sayings of the ALLAH’s last and beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him). The word Hadees is an Arabic
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Hajj Hadees

Hajj Hadees Hajj Hadees. Hajj is a sacred order of ALLAH that every muslim must be fulfill. ALLAH says in Quran 5/97: “ALLAH ne adab walay ghar kabba
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Masnoon Duain

Masnoon Duain Masnoon Duain . Masnoon duain are the prayers that our prophet (PBUH) always read during their life according to occasion . And it is responsibility of
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