A robot prepared to make bread like nanbai

A robot prepared to make bread like nanbai

A robot prepared to make bread like nanbai Bread matic is a first robot introduced in the market which makes bread perfect round shape bread but its price in Pakistan is one lac.

A robot prepared to make bread like nanbai

A robot prepared to make bread like nanbai A Singapore company has launched it 2 years before but it became so popular in two years that its demand reaches high.In first 7 days its sale reaches to 8,000 units. The production of this bread matic machine is started on regular bases and it is widely spreading in western countries and in America. This just looks like a blender.But it requires only salts,oil, water and floor then it works itself ability. The company said that some womens have can’t have to face any difficulty to made bread but if this work is given to this robotic bread matic machine it will be quite difficult to interweave the floor. And then rolled it on the rolling tool.Its will be be a big difficulty for a machine to make a perfect round machine.

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Its means that how demanding this work is still now.This challenge will be more difficult when this robotic machine can be prepared like this that it can easily be adjusted in the corner of the kitchen. This automated breads consists of three layers.Which firstly made by hot air and then lastly efflorescence it. There are 15 sensors present in it which holds the quantity of air protein and humidity in the machine. And on necessary time will continue to bring changes in it. On given instructions it can learn to make breads but after five breads it starts to prepare better breads  according to instructions. And it can also attached with the internet and social media from where the other people can learn its benefits and its way of working. So,it is declared as a beneficial machine for household lady workers

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