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A passenger plane which reached Islamabad from New york in just 5 hours

A passenger plane which reached Islamabad from New York in just 5 hours

A passenger plane which reached Islamabad from New York in just 5 hours

Colorado American private company “Boom Technology” has made a passenger plane name “Prototype which moves double faster than the speed of sound.  At the present time it took 20 hours to reach from New York to Islamabad.  In the near future this distance will be cover in just 4 hours and 45 minutes. It can cover distance with the speed of 2334 km/h.  Its flight is expected in next year 2017 end. In this plane prototype which has been given the name of (XB-1).  It affords only two passengers. But its trade version that will be expected to come in 2023 which is more than three times bigger from it will affords nearly 50 to 55 passengers in it. The world biggest super sonic plane Concord have passed 10 years of its retirement.

A passenger plane which reached Islamabad from New York in just 5 hours

And in this meanwhile period many trade plane projects have came to the larger picture and there speed and afford system is more than that of concord but till now these projects are on experiments stages. The matter of XB Zone is not more different from them. Till now it has completed more than 1000 hours experiments in the wind tunnels.  In which a final touch has only been given to the flight control and avionics and its air frame is still in preparations stages. To make it reach to the speed of 2.2 version of mark in which 3 more advance turbo fan jet engine will be installed by the general electric company.  These jets engine are being used and installed in the present era fighter jet.  To install them in the commercial jets it will be passed from the special preparations.  XB-1 is same looking like as a jet fighter but in near future it will just look like as a passenger more bigger plane.  (Which is still on the drawing board).  Its fast speed and beauty is on one side but it is difficult to say that it will complete in the exact timing. And will it gain that success that is expected.

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