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6 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean Home Remedies

6 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean Home Remedies

6 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean Home Remedies. Clean Carpet is some what difficult for womens . To Clean a carpet I give you some home Tips . I give you 6 tips to keep your carpet clean home remedies . Read these tips and get benefits . I hope you will get benefits  from these tips . Furthermore check these  Detailed tips :

6 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean Home Remedies

If your Carpet is looking ugly with dirty spots then don’t worry i give you tips to get rid of it . Take a small piece of cloth and dip it into hot water . And rub it on the place where spot is present . After  sometime rub it with alcohol  and thinner . After sometime spot disappears . If your Carpet is dirty with oil spot then pour salt , baking soda and flour to that place . don’rub hurriedly . After sometime rub it .Then clean it with water spot of oil is erased

To remove tea or coffee spot from Carpet .  Mix White vinegar with water pour on the spot and rub it with tissue paper after sometime you will get desired result . If your carpet is dirty with  fruit juice Take shaving cream .Put it on your finger and rub it on the spotted area . after sometime take a spungee dip in water and rub on that place . Spot is removed . Sometime Carpet is dirty with  mud spots . To clean these spots wait until this spot will dry . after that use any washing powder to remove it or if not then take soda and pour on it and get result .

I hope you enjoyed these tips and get benefits from them  For more tips visit moonlightfor all.com

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