6 foods that kept you away from agedness

6 foods that kept you away from agedness

6 foods that kept you away from agedness . Agedness is a natural phenomenon . But in some people it appears in early  age and some people looks old in young age . This agedness which appears  in early age is mostly in women that affect their personality.  But there are some natural foods that are helpful in overcoming this problem and saves you from agedness in early age .


These foods fruits and vegetables are as follows :


Lemon contain large amount of vitamin C which make collagen that save your skin from wrinkles. Only one lemon mixed in water daily saves your skin from wrinkles .

Sweet potato

Sweet potato contain beta carotene pigment which when enter in our body  change into vitamin A . It makes our skin fresh and attractive .Only 100 gram sweet potato a day is needed but sugar patients should use sweet potato according to their doctors advice .It is not good for sugar patients .


Red tomato contain lycopene compound which save skin from harmful rays of sun . You can use a medium size tomato in daily routine .

Turnip & Beet :

These both vegetables are winter season vegetables .It should be used in winter . Both these vegetables have natural power to remove poison from body . Using one or two turnip and beet as salad make your skin shiny and red naturally .People who have allergy of excessive iron in body should also use spinach along with turnip and beet .


This fruit is not easily available in market .It is available at super stores . It is not sown usually . It contain natural oil which is used for skin as a natural moisturizer and also keep skin tight and healthy.


Blueberry is also sown in small quantity . It contain natural antioxidants that removes free radicals which are harmful for skin . You can also use blue berry smoothie  to take blueberry .

So these are some nice fruits vegetables and fruits that naturally keep your skin alive and save your skin from wrinkles in early age .

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